NAB Show 2016: Premiere Pro Roundup

NAB Show 2016: Premiere Pro Roundup

Premiere Pro Attractions at NAB Show 2016

NAB Show is Walt Disney World for video. It's a magical place with lots of walking and taking pictures with your favorite post-production industry characters. In this happy analogy, Adobe is Mickey Mouse, the most iconic and memorable part of NAB Show.

Premiere Bro went to NAB Show with one primary objective: to find and promote Premiere Pro. It wasn't difficult. Premiere Pro was everywhere you would expect to find Premiere Pro at NAB Show 2016.


Disclaimer: As much as it wants to be, this post is not comprehensive. Apologies to all the Adobe booth theater speakers not featured in this roundup. Please provide links to live Tweets in the comments below to be featured in Honorable Premiere Pro Mentions. Thanks!


Premiere Pro at the Adobe Booth

Premiere Pro was the NLE for so many vendor demonstrations. But nowhere was Premiere Pro more visible than at the Adobe booth. Friendly staff, popular speakers, and up-close product demonstrations, all contributed to Premiere Pro's success at this year’s Adobe booth. There were at least 100 chairs in the Adobe booth theater and they were always full (and then some) when it came to seeing the new features coming to Premiere Pro CC. It wasn't just the new features though, it was also the speakers presenting them that created a gravitational field around the Adobe booth.

If you’re like me, having watched every YouTube video by Adobe from previous NAB Shows, then you can imagine how surreal it was to actually be there watching it live. By the way, you can watch the Adobe at NAB Show 2016 YouTube playlist here.

Premiere Pro CC, The Must-Have NLE with Jason Levine

If you walked the lower South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center during NAB Show 2016 and happened to pass the Adobe booth, you were more likely to see Jason Levine on the Adobe stage than any other speaker. The Principal Worldwide Evangelist, Creative Cloud, presented the new features coming to Adobe Creative Cloud 3-4 times a day! The favorite of Jason's sessions was Premiere Pro CC, The Must-Have NLE. (OK, this was the Premiere Bro favorite.) New Premiere Pro CC features were met with rounds of applause by the audience. Premiere Pro continues to listen to editors and deliver the tools that users want. It was an unforgettable experience to witness this exchange in person at the Adobe booth. Also, having seen Jason present in real-life, I can say two things: YouTube/Twitch doesn't do him justice and he's also taller than you think.

Watch Jason's session The Tools You Need for Powerful Post-Production.

Premiere Pro CC: The Hub of an Adobe Creative Cloud Workflow with Christine Steele

Adobe booth visitors were inspired by many real-world examples of Adobe Creative Cloud workflows. Christine Steele of Steele Pictures showed how Premiere Pro CC was the hub of the Adobe Creative Cloud ecosystem for her documentary Take Me Home Huey. Project files and artwork for promotional materials designed in Photoshop or Illustrator were synced to the cloud where they could be accessed inside After Effects and Premiere Pro. She also spoke to specific features in Premiere Pro CC like the recently added Optical Flow time remapping and how it was used to slow down some of the b-roll in the film.

Watch Christine's session Creating TAKE ME HOME HUEY with Creative Cloud Tools and her interview Adopting a Fully Adobe Creative Cloud Workflow Anchored by Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Where's Waldo 360 Video with Corridor Digital

YouTube sensations, Sam and Niko of Corridor Digital, shared their perspective on 360 video based on their recent project Where’s Waldo 360. (Can you think of a more perfect subject for a 360 video?) They presented their solutions for several common problems with shooting 360 video:

  • How to hide the camera - Sam and Niko removed the camera by replacing the bottom of the sphere with instructions for the video, including tips for a richer viewing experience.

  • How to hide the film crew - They cleverly “hid" the crew in outrageous costumes in each scene. This not only solved the problem, but it added to the viewing experience by rewarding the viewer with amusement no matter which direction they looked.

  • How to guide the viewer - In addition to the disguised film crew, Sam and Niko also planted other characters to find in the video. Finding these characters was suggested in the instructions that hid the camera. Sam and Niko asked a very important question: If all the action and reward is always isolated to one direction of a 360 video, why does it need to be a 360 video? This is a question that divides technology and storytelling. In many cases, story is sacrificed for the sake of satisfying technology. Sam and Niko reminded everyone that a good storyteller will select the right technology to tell the story.

Of course, Premiere Pro and After Effects were the post production tools Sam and Niko relied on to make their 360 video. Even though they did not speak directly to it, their presentation in particular added to the anticipation for the new VR workflows coming to Premiere Pro CC. Sam and Niko also gave a deserved shoutout to Mettle VR/360 plugins for After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Watch Corridor Digital's session Linear Stories in a Non-Linear World.

Deadpool: Premiere Pro Editing Workflow with Vashi Nedomansky


Editor and post production consultant, Vashi Nedomansky, presented the Premiere Pro post production process on Deadpool. He spoke at the Adobe booth as well as moderated a special panel (pictured above) with members the Deadpool post-production team: Post Supervisor Joan Bierman, VFX Supervisor Johnathan Rothbart, and First Assistant Editor Matt Carson. The team particularly praised Premiere Pro’s ability to open, browse, and select sequences from other Premiere Pro projects. This unique approach to project file sharing became an essential part of the editing workflow. Dynamic Link between Premiere Pro and After Effects was another feature that got a lot of love from the team. Of course, it always does.

Vashi's Adobe booth session Deadpool: The Editing Workflow Behind the Film is not yet available.

Premiere Pro at SuperMeet

The 15th Annual Las Vegas SuperMeet was the Premiere Bro favorite of all the NAB Show events. For the price ($11.24 with $5 discount) the value was incredible! Free food, closer interaction with vendors, and a huge dose of Premiere Pro from the SuperMeet stage. Senior Product Manager, Al Mooney, gave a SuperMeet-stopping presentation of the new features coming to Premiere Pro and other Creative Cloud apps. A large round of applause met the introduction of the new HSL Secondaries coming to the Lumetri Color panel.

360/VR video was a major theme of this year's SuperMeet. Of course, Premiere Bro is totally drunk on the Adobe Kool-Aid, but seriously, when it comes to editing and viewing 360/VR video, where is the competition? Premiere Pro CC has the future of 360/VR editing on lock with the new VR workflows coming to Premiere Pro CC.

True to form, Al Mooney sported a cat shirt on the SuperMeet stage. (Anyone else think there's profitability in Adobe manufacturing a cat-themed Premiere Pro shirt???)

Watch Al Mooney's Supermeet presentation.

Moving to Adobe Premiere Pro Breakfast

The Moving to Premiere Pro Breakfast was absolutely delicious. And the food was great too. This breakfast was for members of the Facebook group Moving to Adobe Premiere Pro and was facilitated by Richard Harrington. If you are a Premiere Pro user who wants to be part of a helpful and engaging Facebook community and who also plans on eating breakfast at NAB Show—join this Facebook group and attend the breakfast next year! During the hustle and bustle of NAB Show, it might be the only real breakfast you eat! Or was that only true in my case?

Premiere Pro Honorable Mentions


There's no need to compare to Avid and FCPX; Premiere Pro CC continues to surge across all levels of the post-production industry. It's no coincidence that most NAB Show booths and speaker presentations requiring an NLE demonstration chose Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Not to mention the hottest developments in video review and approval services (like, Wipster, and Screenlight) all feature Premiere Pro integration.

This was Premiere Bro's first NAB Show. The absolute highlight, more than all the new bells and whistles on the show floor, was meeting other Premiere Pro users. To all the friends that I met in person, thank you for making NAB Show 2016 both memorable and unforgettable. (See what I did there?)

Premiere Bro NAB Show 2016 YouTube playlist

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Premiere Bro NAB Show 2016 Sponsors

Premiere Bro's attendance at NAB Show 2016 was made possible by the following sponsors:

Future Media Concepts - FMC is "the nation's premier digital media training organization providing manufacturer-authorized training for professionals engaged in the production, editing, design and delivery of digital content." As far as Premiere Bro is concerned, FMC is responsible for the best Premiere Pro training events available to humans.


JK Design - JK Design is a New York/New Jersey full-service advertising agency for both B2C and B2B clients. JK Design. Building brands by design.


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