Premiere Bro Rebranded Site Launch

Premiere Bro Rebranded Site Launch

Welcome To The Premiere Pro User Blog And Fansite

Thanks for visiting the rebranded Premiere Bro site!
This October marks the 1-year anniversary of Premiere Bro. Since its humble beginning as a Twitter handle, Premiere Bro continues to grow as the Premiere Pro user blog and fansite. This is all in thanks to the Premiere Pro community. Like you!

5 Things You Should Know About The Premiere Bro Rebrand

Premiere Bro has new features.
Whether you're a casual Premiere Pro user, seasoned editor, blogger, forum junkie, or social media butterfly, the rebranded Premiere Bro site introduces plenty of new ways to access Premiere Pro content. This rebrand also retires some features in an effort to strip out some of the cheesiness of the former branding. It's a little less purple and pink too.

  • Premiere Portal — "Premiere Pro User Dashboard" — is a page of Premiere Pro blogs, forums, and social media feeds.
  • Premiere in Post — "Premiere Pro Community News Feed" — is a micro blog for Premiere Pro community headlines.
  • Premiere Profiles — "Premiere Pro User Interviews" — is an initiative to spotlight Premiere Pro users equally.
  • #WeekinPr — "Premiere Pro Week in Review" — will continue to post every Friday but will now include posts from Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Premiere Bro has a Submit Link page.
This feature is the main artery of the Premiere Pro fansite. It gives users an opportunity to contribute and participate in the Premiere Pro community, where they can spotlight Premiere Pro news and work. You can find the Submit Link page here and also via the many Submit Link buttons sprinkled throughout the site.

Premiere Bro has a passion statement.
remiere Bro exists to enrich the Premiere Pro editing experience and user community.

Premiere Bro is a one man band.
remiere Bro is Sean Schools. Premiere Bro is a passion project, a labor of love, a creative outlet. Premiere Bro is not Adobe. More coming soon on the About page.

Premiere Bro has a unique voice.
In recent posts and even during the rebranding process, I could hear my writing getting swallowed by a monotone 3rd-person voice trying to come off as branded company. That ain't me. You will probably see a lot more personal pronouns in my posts. Because Premiere Bro is personal. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right—right by you.

The Work In Progress Continues

Learning curves are actually circles. And Premiere Bro is no exception. It has been an incredible journey up to this point, one with many lessons learned and friends made. This is true: the one who benefits most from Premiere Bro is me. But it's my intention that others can find benefit and enjoyment in this truth.

I love editing and I love community. There is no other NLE with a more diverse and innovative user community than Adobe Premiere Pro. If you are a participant in the Premiere Pro community—thank you. You are the inspiration behind Premiere Bro.

Thanks for your patience while I continue to make changes to Premiere Bro to better enrich the Premiere Pro community. If you have any feedback or notice anything broken, I would love to hear from you. You can reach me via the icons in the top right corner of the page. Thanks! 

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