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LACPUG: Working with Color in Adobe Premiere Pro with Karl Soule

Karl Soule joined us and went in-depth into the features of the Lumetri Color Panel within Premiere. —LACPUG

Karl also covered:

  • Introduction to the Lumetri panel.
  • Using secondaries.
  • Setting up a Tangent Element hard surface control in Premiere.
  • Use of adjustment layers to manage color on a scene level
  • Use of Master Clip Effects
  • Masking/tracking in Premiere
  • Use of LUTs and Libraries.
  • Exporting color as Premiere presets or generic LUTs for use in other tools. 
  • Using LUTs in Media Encoder for dailies and proxies.

RocketStock: 5 Must-Watch Premiere Pro Tutorials

Learning the ins and outs of a new NLE can be intimidating. However, once you establish a video editing workflow, it becomes easy to integrate new tools. Even after working with Premiere Pro for years, there are still many shortcuts and features I have yet to learn. With a program this powerful, learning more about the interface never hurts, so let’s take a look at some tutorials. —Logan Baker, RocketStock