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Justin Odisho: How to Create a Tiny Planet Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

In this Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial, I will show how to create a little planet effect similar to the bike riding shots in the Kendrick Lamar - Humble music video using the GoPro Omni Rig and VR Horizon and Reframe Plugins. First we will patch the nadir and remove the tripod mount visibility and then animate the tiny planet effect with keyframes and the VR effects. —Justin Odisho

Elaine Chao: Beatboxer Meets Creative Cloud

What happens when a beatboxer meets Adobe's Creative Cloud? This award-winning video, that's what. This submission to Adobe's internal Tech Summit in 2017 made a splash as Elaine reimagined what the creative tooling would sound like if pushed through the lens of a cappella. This original song was mixed and mastered in Adobe Audition, and the video created in both Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. —Elaine Chao

Premiumbeat: Everything You Need to Know About the Premiere Pro Media Browser

I used to work with a lot of P2 files several years ago, and it was quite a headache. The folder structure of these MXF files is quite frustrating. Importing footage into Premiere was very counterintuitive. That’s when I discovered the Media Browser panel in Premiere Pro, which completely changed my workflow. Let’s take a closer look at the capabilities of this panel. —Jason Boone, Premiumbeat