Week in Premiere 1/8/16

Week in Premiere 1/8/16

Premiere Pro News

Adobe released a new video highlighting the recent addition of video to Adobe Stock. Watch how Adobe Stock video is integrated with Premiere Pro and After Effects through Creative Cloud Libraries.

Motion Array, an After Effects template and stock music site, is providing a free Premiere Pro edit template with music and font included. You can access all the assets in the blog post. This template is 100% legit and no credit card is required. Read the full Premiere Bro review here. Big thanks to Motion Array for providing this free resource for Premiere Pro users!

Wistia, a video marketing platform for business, hosted a video editing-themed Wistia Chat,  featuring guest, DIY Video Guy founder, Caleb Wojcik. Follow the #WistiaChat Twitter hashtag to see the conversation. See below for important details, including information on the next #WistiaChat.

This Tweet surfaced from the Wistia Chat above. Matt of MVPOMPA shares his mobile editing workflow using Adobe Premiere Clip. If you're a mobile or GoPro video shooter, check out this post for some great mobile editing tips.

Jonny Elwyn is an editor with one of the most popular post production blogs on the web. This week Jonny shared a new tips and tricks post for the latest Premiere Pro CC 2015.1 release. Jonny's Premiere Pro post's are like a Chinese buffet; you know you should start with a little at a time but you end up with a loaded plate because everything is SO GOOD. 

For those not aware, the Premiere Promos page has videos edited in Premiere Pro by the user community. Every example is accompanied by an exclusive Premiere Pro editing or workflow tip from the editor. This is intended to be a place of inspiration for the Premiere Pro user community.

There was some suspicious YouTube uploading this week. 186 Premiere Pro tutorials were uploaded to YouTube by someone, or something, not the original authors. I was turned on to this because whatever is doing this has enabled auto-sharing to Twitter. If you are a Premiere Pro tutorialist, you may want to skim this channel to see if your content was uploaded without your permission. 

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Premiere Pro Puns

Funny stuff from the Premiere Pro user community.

The secret is out! Premiere Pro users are really superheroes.

Speaking of superheroes, Everfan is a company that makes personalized superhero capes.

Everfan, if you send me a Premiere Bro cape, I will post a Vine of me flying around with it.

Premiere Pro Tips

A great tip for managing long timelines.

Here's another example of coincidental Tweeting. Two tips for working with in and out points in Premiere Pro in the same week!

One of the funnest Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts.

Premiere Pro Tutorials

Sean Mullen of Rampant Design posted the next episode of Ask Rampant, a tutorial series that answers editing questions. This tutorial will change the way you edit, especially when it comes to creating your own effects. Guarantee you steal some of these techniques for your next edit!

Paul Murphy, a.k.a. The Premiere Pro, shared another incredibly insightful tutorial on his Premiere Pro project archival workflow using After Effects. His unique archival method preserves the folder structure outside the Premiere Pro project. Unlike, using Premiere Pro's Project Manager, which lumps all the media in one folder. As Paul points out, this is an appropriate tutorial for this time of year when editors are cleaning up old projects to make room for a new year of editing.

This week, Colin Smith of VideoRevealed, shows how to customize overlays in Premiere Pro. Many users confuse overlays with titles. But Colin clarifies that overlays are metadata displayed on the source and program monitors. These can be customized to show specific information to help the editor know what he or she is looking at.

Color correction can be challenging for editors, not to mention color correcting something moving through the frame. Luckily, Jordy Vandeput, founder of Cinecom, made this video tutorial on how to do it with Premiere Pro's built-in mask tracking capability.

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