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VideoRevealed: Exporting EDLs from Adobe Premiere Pro

You won't run into EDLs very often these days. But in case you do, here's a Premiere Pro tutorial to guide you. EDL stands for Edit Decision List, and Colin Smith of VideoRevealed shows how to export an EDL out of Premiere Pro. EDLs are primarily used for handing off an edit to finishing house or colorist. The problem is EDLs are very limited, as Colin explains starting at 1:07. You have to account for these limitations before you begin your assembly. At 3:10 Colin begins diving into the actual EDL export settings.

This is another requested tutorial on how to export an EDL (Edit Decision List) out of any Premiere Pro Timeline. With EDLs only supporting a single video track and four audio tracks, you have to plan how your edit will be setup to export correctly. —VideoRevealed