Week in Premiere 9/21/18

Week in Premiere 9/21/18

Premiere Pro Week in Review:

  • Premiere Pro, The Must-Have NLE ft Jason Levine

  • Scenes from Adobe Premiere Pro at IBC 2018

  • 7 New Premiere Products You Should Know

  • Video Tutorial: Premiere Pro CC 2019 (Coming Soon)

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Premiere Pro News

Adobe at IBC 2018

This week we have a bunch of new videos from the Adobe Booth at IBC 2018. These include guest speakers, case studies, and demonstrations of new Premiere Pro features. Perhaps the most interesting thing in all these videos is the wide diversity of content and workflows in which Premiere Pro is used. In the interest of time, we’ve only copied the YouTube titles and descriptions. There’s something for everyone; pick the video most relevant to you. Of course, we highly recommend watching them all!

Making Unique Advertisements Using Premiere Pro

Sept 20, 2018 — In the Adobe booth at IBC Show 2018, Thomas Bergmann shows his Premiere Pro CC workflow to create unique advertisements. —Adobe

No Roundtrips: Post Workflows Finishing Entirely in Premiere Pro

Sept 20, 2018 — In the Adobe booth at IBC Show 2018, Mark Leombruni discusses post production workflows and finishing entirely in Premiere Pro CC. —Adobe

Adobe Premiere Pro & the Road to Moscow - The Journey

Sept 20, 2018 — In the Adobe booth at IBC Show 2018, Alex Macleod discusses using Premiere Pro CC for workflows supporting the World Cup. —Adobe

Flexibility + Power: Editing Workflow for News and Premium Content

Sept 20, 2018 — In the Adobe booth at IBC Show 2018, Rafael Gala discusses editing workflows for news and premium content using Premiere Pro CC. —Adobe

Collaborative Workflows for Fiim & Video Using Creative Cloud (IBC 2018)

Sept 17, 2018 — In the Adobe booth at IBC Show 2018, Niels Stevens and Karl Soule demonstrate collaborative video workflows with Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC using Team Projects. —Adobe

Premiere Products / Free Stuff

As expected in the wake of IBC 2018, we have quite a few new Premiere Product announcements this week. Again, in the interest of time, we’re copying direct from the press announcements and blog posts for these products. Ranging from control surfaces to plugins, these are the 5 new products Premiere Pro users should know.

Loupedeck Announces First-Ever Video Editing Capabilities


Loupedeck, the custom photo editing console built with an intuitive design that makes editing faster and more creative, has announced its first foray into video editing, beginning with its integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC… The Loupedeck+ will make the video editing process faster, more intuitive and more affordable than the industry norm, offering a native integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, with all Premiere Pro functions available on the device. —Loupedeck

Studio Network Solutions (SNS) Announces ShareBrowser Media Asset Management Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro

Using ShareBrowser for Adobe Premiere Pro CC will transform the way editors interact with the media on their storage server. Now, editors can find media and bring it into the timeline faster than ever before using powerful search tools and custom metadata tags. Artists and editors can also collaborate more effectively with their team by bringing ShareBrowser comments directly into their Premiere Pro workspace without switching applications, so they can stay focused on creating. —Studio Network Solutions (SNS)

Score Addiction Announces Streamer Plugin for Premiere Pro

Streamer is an audio plugin for Adobe Premiere that allows you to audition and customize music without leaving your project. Our stock music is streamed to your timeline, in sync with your pictures which makes finding music much more efficient. All our music is customizable which means you can adjust the tempo and instrumentation to perfectly suit your film. Free music for a limited time! —Score Addiction

Cinema Grade For Premiere Pro

Direct image based color grading right within your viewer. Cinema Grade is brand NEW color correction application built from the ground up to grade your images in Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve & Final Cut Pro X on Mac! —Cinema Grade

Infra-Red is an Ultra LUT, it turns the the green in your footage into vibrant red preserving the skin texture and general colors. —Mathieu Stern

Pro Audio Presets by White Rabbit Productions


The Pro Audio Presets Pack contains Audio Bricks, Audio Primers and Audio Colors giving video makers instant access to intuitive drag and drop audio correction tools, scene specific audio presets and rich environment effects. —White Rabbit Productions

GrayMeta to Introduce AI-Powered Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro CC at IBC


GrayMeta’s new plugin enables users to take advantage of deep insights created by artificial intelligence and machine learning. The metadata from those insights makes it possible to build content faster in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe’s professional video editing and production software, part of Adobe Creative Cloud®…The plugin introduces a new level of efficiency to media workflows. It allows content creators and editors to quickly find specific content within their digital assets, and drag and drop editable, trimmed clips into the Adobe Premiere Pro CC sequence. This can make the content building process quicker. —Gray Meta

Premiere Pro Tutorials

Video Tutorial: An Inside Look at Adobe Premiere Pro 2019

Sept 20, 2018 — It’s that time of year again—Adobe has announced all of the latest features for the upcoming version of their Creative Cloud suite of programs. Premiere Pro updates include an enhanced Essential Graphics panel, new options for cleaning up audio, selective color grading tools, and an all-new workflow for VR180. Let’s take a closer look. —Jason Boone, Premiumbeat

Premiere Pro: How To Cut Faster!

Sept 19, 2018 — In this tutorial, Kyler Holland shows how to use the Ripple Trim keyboard shortcuts Q and W in Premiere Pro to cut video faster. Use these keys to quickly trim the tops and tails of your clips, leaving only the usable “selects” behind.

How to Use Trim Mode in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Sept 17, 2018 — Fine tuning an edit is important when polishing your work. A few frames in either direction can help keep the audience engaged, and the content flowing. This fine-tuning is easy to pull off with the trim mode in Adobe Premiere Pro. Today we go over how to use the trim mode in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. —AdobeMasters

Make Natural Color Adjustments in Premiere Pro

Sept 19, 2018 — Use the Lumetri Color panel Adjustments controls in Premiere Pro CC to add vibrant color to your shots while protecting natural skin tones, or sharpen the image and flatten the colors to subtly change the appearance of your footage. —Adobe

Easy Clone Effect in Premiere

Sept 19, 2018 — In this tutorial, Chris Brooker of Brooker Films show how to use the Opacity masking tools in Premiere Pro to create multiple clones of a moving object in the frame. The critical key for success with this effect is using a tripod shot so the frame does not move. You can always animate subtle camera motion in post.

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